How it Works / FAQ

1. What are the benefits of the Monotype Baseline service?

Monotype Baseline is a revolutionary new cloud service which provides fonts directly to applications. Monotype Baseline improves your workflow by providing on-demand access to thousands of fully-functioning fonts in real-time. Documents which have missing fonts can be repaired!

2. How does Monotype Baseline work?

Monotype Baseline is integrated into applications which use fonts. When an application needs a font, it sends a registered user's Authentication Key to the Monotype Baseline service along with the name of the font. If the font is available, it is delivered to the application. Once the application confirms that all required fonts have been delivered and there are sufficient tokens in the user's account, the user's account is charged one Monotype Baseline Token for each font.

3. What are Monotype Baseline Tokens and how do they work?

The cost of fixing each font one time, in each document, is equal to one Monotype Baseline token. As fonts are delivered, tokens are deducted from the user's account balance. For example, if a user fixes 2 different PDF's, with the first PDF missing one font and the second PDF missing two fonts, a total of three tokens will be deducted from a user's account. Tokens are non-refundable and expire one year from the date of purchase.

4. How much are Monotype Baseline tokens?

Monotype Baseline tokens are regularly $1.49 (USD) each. However, to celebrate the 2014 release of PitStop Font Fix, tokens will be available for $.39 (USD) through December 31, 2014. After that, the cost of Monotype Baseline tokens will revert to the regular price.